The Expanding Network Of Citizen Snitches

Airport-style announcements encouraging Americans to “report suspicious activity” in the name of spotting terrorists are now being played in thousands of hotels across America as the Department of Homeland Security’s domestic snitch program expands.

As a result of the DHS’ partnership with media provider LodgeNet Interactive, “TV systems in more than 5,500 hotels began showing public service announcements that encourage anyone observing suspicious activity to immediately report it to the proper authorities. The videos are being shown on a free promotional and information channel that is part of LodgeNet TV systems and appears when the guest room TV is turned on.”

A DHS Hotel & Lodging Advisory flyer filmed inside a hotel in Orlando Florida lists, “visitor attitudes overtly concerned with privacy” as a sign of terrorism, as well as “denial of access to a room,” or guests who take photos and video footage.

Exactly what constitutes “suspicious activity” was also outlined in a previous Homeland Security PSA entitled ‘No Reservations – Suspicious Behavior in Hotels’, which encourages hotel employees and guests to be on the lookout for terrorists.

Banal activities such as paying for a room with cash, even if the individual presents ID, or being “nervous,” were characterized as a suspicious behavior indicative of terrorism by the DHS as part of the federal agency’s ‘See Something, Say Something’ campaign. The clips shows a hotel manager calling the police after a guest says he doesn’t use credit cards.

This is merely one example of a huge network of citizen snoops being recruited to spy on the American people, despite the fact that you are more likely to be killed by intestinal illnesses, allergic reactions to peanuts, bee stings, drowning in the bath, or accident-causing deer than by terrorists…

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