Honesty On Mali

Speaking to France 5 television today, French Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian vowed that the invasion of Mali would not stop with any pockets of resistance left at all, saying the goal is nothing short of “the total reconquest of Mali.”…



Talking up further escalations of military involvement in Northern Africa in the wake of the Algeria hostage crisis, British Prime Minister David Cameron urged an “iron resolve” for a growing military engagement in the region that could last many decades.

The heads of Britain’s top spy agencies as well as the Chief of the Defence Staff are planning a Tuesday meeting to begin planning for a broad war across the entire Sahel, a region spanning Africa from east to west from Eritrea to the coast of Senegal and including several hotbed areas in the Sahara desert…


How sad and ironic is it on MLK’s birthday that most black Americans support a POTUS  who supports this policy of recolonization of the Motherland?

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