A Discussion Of The Prison Industry

American Nightmare: Racism and the Prison-Industrial Complex with Solomon Comissiong

In this week’s episode, Eric examines one of the most complex and misunderstood issues in America today: the prison-industrial complex and its relation to deeply rooted racism in this country.  Eric touches on the various ways in which mass incarceration and the prison system is perpetuated and used as a weapon against the poor and primarily people of color.  He analyzes the profit factor, denouncing the dishonest nature of the prison system as little more than a source of cheap labor.  He also discusses the effect on young people whose lives are utterly destroyed by this system.

Eric’s guest this week is Solomon Comissiong – professor, author, activist. Solomon and Eric touch a number of issues including the “New Jim Crow” and the ways in which the corporate media frames the discussion on this issue. Also, they get into some of the hidden sociological forces at play in this issue…


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