Are We Being Misled On the Battle In Syria?

…Yes, the insurgents are winning the youtube propaganda war, but the real war will be won on the ground. There my impression is that the insurgency, while it is not defeated, is currently on the run while the Syrian government is advancing and its support is steadfast. Still, there is a lot “fog of war” in the air and my somewhat optimistic reading of the situation may not be completely right.

But consider this recent tweet by the BBC’s Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen:

Preparing to leave #Damascus. Legit question: maybe enemies of #Assad been guilty of wishful thinking about their chances of toppling him…

The West will escalate this conflict more and more.  A defeat of the terrorist rebels would be a geopolitical disaster for the Psychopaths-That-Be.  I am reminded of the line from Miller’s Crossing, “You’re in charge because people think you’re in charge!”   A defeat would end that kind of thinking on a geopolitical stage.


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