Genocide In The Congo

The U.S. tells the world it can’t figure out how six million people died in the Democratic Republic of Congo – while Washington writes the checks and arms the perpetrators to the teeth. Like Mafia Dons pretending to be honest businessmen, successive U.S. administrations subsidize and direct the worst genocide since World War Two.

The United States has financed and given overall direction to the worst genocide since World War Two, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Since 1996, Washington has drenched Congo’s eastern provinces in the blood of over six million people. The governments of Rwanda and Uganda, the direct perpetrators of this holocaust, are in every sense of the word agents of U.S. foreign policy, who operate with impunity under the imperial umbrella.

A growing number of voices now charge that the Obama administration, like the Bush and Clinton administrations before it, has “protected” Rwanda and Uganda in their de facto annexation of eastern Congo and its mineral riches. But the actual relationship is more like that between a Mafia Godfather and his murderous henchmen. For 16 years, Uganda and Rwanda have done the bidding of their paymasters and arms suppliers, the American and British governments.If the Nuremburg rules of international justice were in force today, the highest officials in London and Washington would face death by hanging for their monstrous crimes – and only later would Presidents Kagame of Rwanda and Museveni of Uganda take their walk with the executioner.

When Congolese women and children screamed in agony, United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice said, literally, that the U.S. should “look the other way” – knowing full well that a people were being annihilated. She is no different than the high Nazi officials who were hanged for waging aggressive war and the slaughter of millions, almost 70 years ago….

And yet Kneegrows supported the monster Rice.  Related:

Wayne Madsen: Well, we’re obviously not doing anything to be an honest broker and a neutral party. We tilt to the Rwandans and it goes back to Walter Kannsteiner, the assistant secretary of state for African affairs under Bush. Kannsteiner wrote a white paper some years ago, talking about the balkanization of Congo and the various countries and talked about forced migrations, just like in the Balkans, and the creation of a country called Tutsiland.

KPFA: Yeah, so you think the U.S. is still backing that idea?

Wayne Madsen: Yeah, I think this is the corporate influence, the Corporate Council on Africa. I think the Corporate Council on Africa – and people like Brent Scowcroft, heavily involved with them – they dictate AFRICOM’s policy. I’d hate to be one of these U.S. trainers or special operations guys in Africa having to convince myself I’m doing this for the United States, when in fact they’re doing it for Exxon-Mobil, Templesman and Microsoft with the coltan etc.

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