From “I Have A Dream” To “I Have A Drone”

It only took two generations to decapitate and control the most antiwar, progressive element in American politics, Black Americans.  The PTB started with murders: King, Malcolm, Hampton, Evers, etc..  Then a number of Blacks were selected for brainwashing at select schools and transformed into Kneegrows who can assist in the pillage of their communities here and in the Motherland with no hint of regret.  The masses were incarcerated at historically high rates, distracted and dumbed down in the same school systems that are dumbing down the rest of the nation.   Daily inundation by the tightly controlled Corporate News and we have an economic, moral, and intellectual depression in Black America.  This depression is so deep and intense that most Black Americans support President Obama, a man who claims the legal right to kill or imprison anybody without charge or trial.  Even if one trusted Obama to believe that he would never use that power against “us” (Trust not supported by Obama’s actions in the Motherland.), few are truly educated enough to question the implications of violating fundamental legal and natural rights that have been professed in the West since the Magna Carta.  Who has thought beyond the current regime?

Now we have a fight brewing about the pending nomination of the Kneegrow Susan Rice for Secretary of State, a women who has assisted in the deaths of as many black people as anybody alive.  And many Kneegrows support her.  “We have met the enemy and they are us” is applicable on several levels.

Some African Americans associate racial progress with Black people achieving “the right to perform the evil acts which were once the reserve of whites.” The ascension of Black secretaries of state marks “the first time that black Americans began to look the other way and excuse their government’s inhumanity.”…


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