911 First Responders Injured Again

News is out that the sickened 9/11 first responders who won a revision to the $2.7 billion dollar Victim Compensation Fund nearly two years ago (Jan. 02 2011 James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act) which promised to pay out $875 million dollars in the first 5 years to compensate for expenses these heroes incurred due to health problems related to their efforts after 9/11, have received nothing, the big goose egg, zippo so far. Nothing. These people continue to get sicker, payout what little they have for what help they can afford, and die as a result of the false flag attack on this country that took place on Sept. 11th 2001.

For two years that money has been doing something for someone but nothing for the men and women who earned it… while they continue to suffer needlessly.

Why is that you say?

Well, that is simple: because Obama’s Attorney General choose an insurance company thug lawyer to be the one in charge of dispensing the settlements and according to her, it’s the fault of those pesky sick people who just can’t seem to fill out those forms correctly. Sound like something you have heard from your insurance company before?

The Great ObamaGod finally finally does something to help the people made sick by the demolition of the Twin Towers ……


Nearly two years after President Obama signed the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act on Jan. 2, 2011, no one has gotten a dime.

“We’re going into the third year of the law, and the fact that no one’s been compensated after eight years of hard work to get the bill passed is unacceptable,” fumed Ground Zero advocate John Feal….

… But Sheila Birnbaum, special master of the fund, told The Post that most applications have arrived incomplete. Only 500 claimants have sent in the required signatures; others lack key details. “Nobody wants to get money out quicker than I do,” she said. “We’ve been disappointed that we just don’t have all the information to do it.”…

… “There’s this tension in the fund to make sure the claims are legitimate and at the same time to bend over backward to give awards to everybody who deserves it,” she said. New York Post

Anyone who is shocked that the Obama administration would hire an industry insider to a key governmental role.. grow up. You see, her specialty over her entire career, is keeping people from getting what they deserve from corporate entities that screwed them over. That’s what she did for a living, so of course she is PERFECT for the Obama administration’s choice for this assignment…


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