FEMA Camps Not Needed?

America has been conquered by the international bankers and subsequently, America is on life support. At one time, I believed that if enough people like myself could wake up America, we had a chance to take our country back from the bankers that have hijacked the government. I am not sure that too much damage has not been done and that we should all be focusing on survival instead of direct confrontation with the globalists.

FEMA Camps, the NDAA, National Health Care and the specter of martial law dominate the headlines in the alternative media. The truth be known, none of these draconian policies developed by the Bush and the Obama administrations may be needed to completely subjugate the American people. The number one enemy facing the American people are the not the Chinese, the Iranians, the Bilderbergers or any other liberty-destroying group. The number one enemy facing America is its profound level of stupidity!

The evidence supporting a tsunami of mass retardation sweeping across America is omnipresent. Consider the implications of the answers for the following questions:…



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