The Syrian WMD

Wired’s Danger Room has a weird Exclusive storyon alleged Syrian chemical weapons:

Engineers working for the Assad regime in Syria have begun combining the two chemical precursors needed to weaponize sarin gas, an American official with knowledge of the situation tells Danger Room. International observers are now more worried than they’ve even been that the Damascus government could use its nerve agent stockpile to slaughter its own people.

Sarin gas has two main chemical components — isopropanol, popularly known as rubbing alcohol, and methylphosphonyl difluoride. The Assad government has more than 500 metric tons of these precursors, which it ordinarily stores separately, in so-called “binary” form, in order to prevent an accidental release of nerve gas.Last week, that changed. The Syrian military began combining some of the binaries. “They didn’t do it on the whole arsenal, just a modest quantity,” the official says. “We’re not sure what’s the intent.”

Seemingly for lack of knowledge the Danger Room folks are falling for very stupid “Arab country will soon use WMD” propaganda. Do we need to remind anyone that the same claims were made by “American officials” 10 years ago and turned out to be false?

In this case we cane be quite sure that the claims are indeed false. No one in Syria is combining binaries.

Just think of how binary chemical weapons actually work:..

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