Black Bolton

It looks like momentum is building towards Susan Rice being the next Secretary of State– and a lot of liberal people, particularly in the media, are reacting to opposition by John McCain and LIndsay Graham– getting behind Rice because she’s being attacked by right wingers.

That may not be a good idea. Rice could be simply awful, from a progressive, liberal, anti-war, anti-neocon, pro-environment point of view. She could be an appointment as bad as some of the investment bankers Obama has appointed. She could be the worst new appointment who’s come to light since he won his re-election. It’s ironic that the people who are attacking her from the right would be delighted with her if she was a Republican– she’s a lot like John Bolton, except with some international women’s rights thrown in. If the Republicans get smart, they’ll start recruiting women who look exactly like Susan Rice. But Obama should not be appointing her and people on the left should not be getting her back. They should be raising their voices…

Rob: So it sounds like she’s a Democratic John Bolton, maybe worse.

Glen: I think she’s the meanest dog in town. This woman is rabid! She makes Condo Lisa Rice seem like a sweet academic.

Rob: Rabid. Ok. And do you think she’s got a shot at getting the appointment to replace Hilary?

Glen: I hope not. Now, of course the US policy does not change based upon who the Secretary of State is. We, at Black Agenda Report, of course dread Susan Rice being the Secretary of State, because that puts one more high profile black American in the position of being the Executioner in Chief of the world, and that’s very bad for the good name of African Americans. But whoever they put in charge will just continue the US policy. We certainly don’t want that to be in black face.

Rob: Well, I basically think of Clarence Thomas. He’s a guy who was handed a lot of power, and he certainly wielded it to serve the 1% and the military industrial conflict.

Glen: Yeah, but Clarence Thomas was of course appointed by Republicans, and that makes him one step removed so to speak. This is a democratic administration with a black president supported whole-heartedly by the vast majority of black people in this country. And so I can’t imagine how people in the world will not associate these crimes by Obama and by Rice, Susan Rice, as being the product somehow of the black policy in the United States, and that is profoundly disturbing to contemplate

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