Darkness In Syria

This is just a quick note to mention a few troubling developments in Syria.

1. BBC reports phone lines and the internet have been blocked into and out of Syria. Whatever happens can now happen in the dark.

“Internet monitoring firm Renesys said the country’s connection protocols were unreachable, “effectively removing the country from the internet“.

Local reports suggested that the internet had been down since early afternoon, and that telephone lines were only working intermittently.” BBC

2. The Huffington Post has already headlined their phony “left” website with this story, blaming the Syrian government for the blackout.

The government has previously cut phone lines and Internet access in areas where regime forces are conducting major military operations,” reports the AP. Huffington Post

3. All of this coincidentally comes right after the Obama administration just held a high level meeting discussing what else they can do in Syria to destabilize the country and overthrow the popular leader, Assad.

“The Obama administration, hoping that the conflict in Syria has reached a turning point, is considering deeper intervention to help push President Bashar al-Assad from power, according to government officials involved in the discussions…

…Other, more distant options include directly providing arms to opposition fighters rather than only continuing to use other countries, especially Qatar, to do so. (yeah, they did that too. see below)” New York Times

4. The Washington Post has reported Qatar has sent 40 or more shoulder fired anti-aircraft weapon systems to the FSA terrorists in Syria over the past few weeks.

“According to a report published by the Washington Post on Thursday, US Middle Eastern intelligence officials said the militants (terrorists) had acquired “as many as 40 shoulder-fired missile systems in recent weeks,” and “at least some” of the weaponry was provided by Qatar.” Press TV

5. The other day there was an AP story that surfaced about Syrian mercenary terrorists capturing army bases and taking their heavy weaponry. I found that extremely hard to believe and then I realized that it might be a narrative designed to explain how suddenly the FSA terrorists supported by the Obama Administration start using mechanized weapons. Now, it makes perfect sense.

“Syria — Syrian rebels have taken over a large military base in the country’s north, carting off tanks, armored vehicles and truck-loads of munitions their leaders say will give them a boost in their fight to topple President Bashar Assad.” Associated Press

6. Back on Nov 14th, the EU and others met to figure out a way to forgo an arms embargo in Syria so they could ship heavy weapons to the FSA terrorists. What a coincidence, right?

“”We cannot stand still, we cannot just say we will leave things as they are in Syria, because it is a gravely deteriorating situation,” Hague told reporters. “How we respond has to be well judged, well thought through.”.” Associated Press

This appears to be a huge development in the forced regime change agenda of the United States and the other NATO countries. Whatever is going to happen, they damn sure wanted it to happen in the dark…


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