The Not-So-New Colonialism

The UN has called for the use of drones to conduct “surveillance” over the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda. Rumors of aiding rebels in Rwanda would justify the use of “peacekeeping” NATO Forces to take down M23 guerrillas. The UN has been grabbing land in Africa and fighting against locals to acquire mineral-rich areas for the use of the Globalists.

Stephane Parmentie, representative from Oxfam, said:

What is missing the most in terms of land grabbing is a clear condemnation of this practice. That was one of the baseline demands of civil society. That was impossible to include it, because it was too sensitive and too controversial for quite a lot of member states.

Nations like Ethiopia, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo and Sierra Leone in Africa have “voluntarily” signed agreements with multi-national corporations and foreign investors, allowing them to control agricultural land. The nation’s leaders believe that giving access to their resources will benefit their people; however, this is just another manipulative ploy to coercively acquire control over land, food production and securitization…


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