No One Clapped…

…[Benjamin] Jealous was elected by the NAACP National Board of Directors in a 34-21 vote. CNN reported that “no one clapped or celebrated,” according to one board member after the meeting.[1] According to CNN, Jealous was the only finalist presented by the search committee to the full board for consideration despite there being other qualified candidates. Although some board members wanted to examine two others whom the search committee identified as finalists, Jealous’s supporters, including Chairman Julian Bond, prevented their presentation to the board…[1]

Well, what can you expect from an organization that names its highest award after a snitch who did NOT have the interests of black folks in mind?

…Joel Spingarn was an Austrian Jew & Chairman of the NAACP from 1914-1919 and its president in 1930, operated a network of black spies within the Black community under the direction of the U.S. Army military intelligence Division (MID).Spingarn was a fierce critic and enemy of Booker T Washington who advocated self-reliance and economic empowerment just like Garvey.
Few blacks know that Spingarn ran a spy network against blacks, a domestic intelligence operation that served as a forerunner of the COINTELPRO FBI-led counterinsurgency seprogram of the 1960’s. In the service of this government spying operation, Springarn used his position at the NAACP to gather critical information on the Black community. Among other covert acts, he turned over to the MID the NAACP membership list of all 117 NAACP branches throughout the countery, with the names and home and business address of their top officers.

Agent Spingarn took on the secret assignment of infiltrating and recruiting America’s talented tenth. His target was the Black aristocracy…

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