Gaza Peace?

Due to the growing negative public opinion of Israel’s attack on Gaza, the Israelis were forced into a defensive tact as they finally agreed to a cease fire yesterday which had been brokered by the Egyptians and then Hillary took credit for it. It is my opinion that they knew they were over a barrel on this one and they had no intention of allowing the ceasefire agreement to stand so they signed off on the agreement which will keep Israel from killing more of their children and bombing the structures of their government while opening the Gaza border crossings if the deal holds for 24 hours.

Israel and Hillary have no intention of allowing that to happen. In the end, they will stage or create more Hamas attacks and they can then sit back, attack Gaza, bring in the ground troops all the while claiming they were the peace-seeking party in the new round of violence…


A 20-year-old Palestinian was killed and 10 others injured by Israeli forces Friday, Palestinian medical officials told NBC News, despite the U.S.-brokered cease-fire declared Wednesday.

The men were shot on the Gaza side of the border as they tried to access their farmland in the eastern part of Khan Younis, the Palestinian Medical Service said early Friday…


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