Imaginary Money

…Every dollar in circulation since 1913 is a loan. On top of the principle, the Fed requires a payment of interest for this “service” they provide. The purchasers of the T-bills also collect an interest payment as motivation to loan us money. Who is ultimately responsible for the loans and interest for every penny used in the United States? YOU ARE. No matter what they do with the money, no matter in who’s pocket it winds up, YOU GET THE BILL. And don’t think the bill is paid by Income Taxes – that only pays a fractionof the interest due!

Why do you get the bill? Because each and every T-Bill is sold with “the full faith and credit of the American people”. That’s you, and everything you own. It’s not the U.S. Government (a private corporation), but the people who live within its borders. The government gets to order and spend the money any way they see fit (after all, you have given them permission to do so) but is not responsible to pay the debt – you are.

Now that you know you own it, how much do you think you owe? Forget the $16 trillion National Debt and its interest. According to, on the morning of November 13th, 2012, U.S. “unfunded liabilities” alone (Social Security payments, Medicare/Medicaid and prescription drugs that must be paid, but have no fund from which to be paid) are over $121,400,000,000,000 ($121.4 Trillion). That alone makes each and every citizen of the U.S. – man, woman and child – liable for over $1,060,000 ($1.06 Million). I don’t know about you, but my first reaction was, “Good luck getting it from me!” The average person’s lifetime income is around $600,000. It does not compute. The total National Assets equal only $87,425,000,000,000 ($87.425 Trillion). Even if all U.S. assets were sold off, we’d still owe “a boatload”.

“A boatload” is not a real number. But is $87 Trillion or $121 Trillion or $16 Trillion a real number either? The money that TWCTM so preciously guard and shuffle from country to country, good ol’ boy to good ol’ boy, at their wish or whim – and on the backs of the people – is measured in numbers that are so ludicrous that they are now totally meaningless. I mean, what could you do with that much money?

When the amount of money in circulation (which is supposed to be equivalent to a country’s actual worth – not its credit rating) is greater than all its assets, it is no longer real. Factor in inflation all you want, the whole system is imaginary!..

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