Bitter Pills

In a conference call with key supporters Tuesday night, President Obama urged Democratic activists to stay engaged in the coming budget negotiations concerning the so-called “fiscal cliff” but also telegraphed plainly his intent to give away much in his showdown with Republican lawmakers

 As the Huffington Post, who listened in on the call, reports:

The president, speaking from a White House phone, cautioned listeners to expect disappointments during his second term. As he has in the past, Obama warned that he was prepared to swallow some bitter pills during the negotiations, including some that would agitate the base…

So rather than close some (75% seems about right for now; more later) of the 700+ military bases around the world and stop the discretionary wars of aggression, Rev. Deke O’Malley has already begun negotiations to cut entitlements with a “compromise.”   Prediction:  His supporters, stricken with cognitive dissonance, will not protest.  Expect more war and more austerity for the 99%.  Be sure to read the letters at the above link.

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