Are Poor People The Problem?

The sleazy, treasonous, puss gutted, two bit, Zionist shill, Mike Huckabee stepped up front and center on Fox News Live yesterday, calling for new welfare reform. monster, talking out of both sides of his mouth, indicated once again that those receiving government assistance needed to be put to task, for their own good of course.

What you will never hear the dirt bag Huckabee talk about are the corporate parasites, who are literally stealing the wealth of our nation, while Huckabee diverts attention away from their crimes in blaming the results thereof on the victims.

Huckabee said there are those committing fraud to obtain entitlement benefits and examples need to be made through prosecution. Hey Mike, you treasonous piece of shit, how about we the American nationals make some examples of you and your treacherous international Zionist cohorts who have stolen $46 trillion from us?

You won’t hear Huckabee talking about the fact that the international bankers bankrupted our nation through international racketeering. Nooo. He has reformed Jesus’ message on the mound from “Feed the poor” to “Screw the poor, we need more for war.”…


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