The Value Of Hard Assets In Hard Times

Are you still stuffing your 401K? How is that working out for you?
Do you even have a 401K or a job for that matter? Lots of people don’t.
I finally realized that mine was only growing because of the money I was putting into it. Then I realized that it was going to be taxed like a beast when I started drawing from it. Of course I have no control over that money because it is not in my own possession.
I’m not necessarily knocking 401K’s. But I do resent the fact that I have absolutely no control over the money I worked so hard for. Of course if it were in my possession I’d have far greater control.
 Over time I’ve come to see the value of hard assets. Things I can put my hands on and feel. Assets that are under my own personal control.

What would you do if the economy came crashing down? Would you have anything to eat? Would you have a way to stay warm in the winter? What would be your breaking point? The Dow dropped 2% today. What if it had just kept dropping? What will it do tomorrow?

What will you do if you find out, like so many others, that you no longer have a job? Are you investing in a future that offers you some control, or are you trusting your hard-earned money to the same banks that we had to bail out just a few short years ago?

I’m not about to tell you to pull all your money out of the market. Only you can decide how to best invest what you’ve worked for. However if you are not already doing so, may I suggest that you invest some of that money into hard assets that you control?…

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