Election 2012: Much Ado About Nothing

6 Billion dollars spent on this election cycle. The country is in horrible shape. More and more people are turning away from the MSM and Washington politics in general. THE VAST MAJORITY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE SAY WE ARE ON THE WRONG PATH… and what happens? The House stays Republican, the Senate stays Democrat, and the White House stays Clinton/Obama… no change.. nothing. Business as usual. Let that sink in for a minute.

Next up: the fake fiscal cliff and genocidal austerity…


Not to mention more war.

…Over the last months the insurgents have made zero military advances. They now use more and morebomb explosions and assassinations against those Syrians, likely a majority, who are not with them:

“We are planning to escalate our attacks on the areas of the government thugs,” said one member of the Jundullah Battalion, a unit of the Free Syrian Army full of Sunni Muslim fundamentalists.

The Brits are  “talking” to the armed opposition, the French are promising more weapons and U.S. made Stingers are floating around. All signs are still pointing to a further escalation of the war on Syria. We can expect Obama to join in that.


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