The U.S. War On Yugoslavia

“It’s the third worldization of Yugoslavia, it’s the third worldization of the U.S., it’s the third worldization of EVERYWHERE

“Yugoslavia was built on an idea as Ramsey Clark said. That southern Slavs would not remain divided and be falling prey to some imperialist outsider. They would join together and create a territory which was large enough and viable enough to have it’s own development. And sure enough, after WWII, multi-ethnic, socialist Yugoslavia was a post war industrial power, a viable nation and an economic success. Between 1960 and 1980 it had one of the most vigorous growth rates, a decent standard of living, free medical care and education, guaranteed right to a job, one month free vacation with pay, affordable public transportation housing and utilities, literacy rate over 90%, life expectancy was over 72 years… they began borrowing from the West meaning the IMF. With that borrowing came DEBT and with that came the IMF conditions for restructuring; austerity measures – you cut back in public sector spending, you cut wages, you cut employment”


Clinton-era Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, confronted by pro-Serbian protesters who called her a war criminal during a recent book signing in her native Prague, pushed them aside as “disgusting Serbs” in a confrontation going viral on the internet.
Displaying her trademark feistiness, Albright is seen in the video as sternly shouting “get out, get out,” to the protesters who arrived with a film crew. As they closed in on her, she stood up and said, “That’s it! Get out,” and soon walked away with an aide after saying, “they are disgusting Serbs.”…

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