More Washington Post Babbling On Covering Up Benghazi Psyop

Yes, there were two drones flying over the compound watching while the attack took place but WHO RUNS THE DRONE PROGRAM? The answer to that is the CIA.

Why the hell would the “terrorists” care to use the film as cover for their attack in the first place if it was really in retaliation for the murder of one of their own?

Yes, the Washington Post has finally had to admit the obvious, that the ridiculous 14 minute hatefomercial, Innocence of the Muslims, was actually pre-planned to be used as cover for terrorist attack on the CIA safe house in Benghazi which reportedly killed Amb. Stevens and is being used to justify increased U.S. military action in North Africa.

But what the Washington Post glosses over without scrutiny or surprise is the fact that according to their own report, this was clearly a professional job, conducted by an organization which is deeply tied to the regional authority in Benghazi (i.e. our puppet regime) and the film itself was set up to be a “motive cover” for the attack.

In short, the Washington Post has to admit the Benghazi psyop was an “inside job” from the start which has now been used to justify the increased military action in Libya and North Africa that someone wanted less than a year ago when the Kony2012 campaign failed

But, true to form, they claim “al Qaeda” planned the distraction.


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