Lesser Evilism

…If you’re an intellectually enslaved partisan, you’re already probably grasping at straws, trying to justify your position choosing the “lesser of two evils.” The differences between the two parties on these issues is barely visible, and yet we somehow feel justified picking sides. Even judicial appointments, the final plea for party unity, has lost its credibility. They are not looking out for you.
To quote Ralph Nader:

What is the breaking point? The criminal war of aggression in Iraq? The escalation of the war in Afghanistan? Forty-five thousand people dying a year because they can’t afford health insurance? The hollowing out of communities and the movement of jobs to fascist and communist regimes overseas that know how to put the workers in their place? There is no breaking point. And when there is no breaking point, you do not have a moral compass.

I won’t be voting for either major party, but I have to accept that one of them will win the presidential election. So who should I prefer?

Part of me wants Romney to win. The left might find new energy with which to oppose him in the event of crippling austerity measures (which are likely to happen either way). Still, pitting the parties against each other to try and preserve what little freedoms we have left has never really worked in the past, and it’s a bit foolish to think it’ll work now.
Another part of me hopes Obama wins. He deserves to win. He deserves to watch the country’s economy disintegrate below his feet. As the floor beneath him falls away, he’ll stare into the 10th circle of hell, a special place reserved for bankers and politicians who enable their destructive deeds. He’ll be forced to accept history’s universal condemnation for his barbarous acts. 

If your intention was to turn the United States into an Orwellian police state, you could not do a better job than President Obama. He has claimed the power to kill American citizens simply because he accuses them of being terrorists. There is no judicial review, no possibility of parole, you will not see a lawyer or your family again. For a mere “belligerent act,” you can be detained indefinitely in a cell, forgotten, never again to see the light of day.

In classic dictatorial fashion, he has attempted to expand the reach of the empire by engaging in undeclared wars without the permission of the people (Congress). And we haven’t even touched on his unwillingness to enforce the law with regard to the criminal banking class. However, if you attempt to expose the power elite’s abuse of the system, like Thomas Drake or Bradley Manning, you’re likely to face the full fury of government power. To date, the Obama administration has indicted six individuals under the Espionage Act, more than all other administrations combined…

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