Benghazi: No Rescue Attempt

 On Wednesday I reported Col. David Hunt’s question: why did we not try to rescue Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the three other Americans who were murdered in Benghazi?
If cover-up there is, it seems directed at the Obama administration’s failure to take action when the lives of Americans were in extreme danger.
After all, Obama is presenting himself to American voters as the man who ordered the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound. Surely, he deserves all due credit, but, as with all heroic actions, the real issue is whether it was a lucky shot or whether it bespeaks his character.
We know that the administration did nothing during the assault on the Benghazi Embassy. We do not know what it could have done. We certainly do not know whether any action would have been effective.
The question has now moved into Congressional investigations and the mainstream media.
Witness Sharyl Attkisson on the CBS website.
By Attkisson’s reporting, a drone was flying over the site during the attack, but the Pentagon claims not to have had the time to prepare and organize a counterattack…

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