The Obankster In Obama

…Many criticize Obama, with the idea that he doesn’t understand, and if only he understood, he would change his mind.  This is part of his false narrative of hope and change.  But Obama reads Paul Krugman – he studied the left intensely and spent years as a community organizer.  He understands his opposition, those crying out for justice against the powerful, and finds them laughable, finds in them weakness at best, a punchline at worst.  He reads his left-wing opponents so he can absorb the talking points, and rebut them.  Some think that Obama can be appealed to around the better angels of nature, that he’s naturally with “the left” but must be gently praised.  But again, this is more of the false hope and change narrative.  Obama understands Saul Alinsky.  He gets left-wing ideas.  But he hates the left, with the passion of any bully towards his victimsTo him, they are chumps, weak, pathetic, losersThey are such pathetic losers, in fact, that they will believe anything he tells them.  And Obama has no better nature, he is what he’s done in office, someone who murders children with drone strikes and then jokes about it to his rich friends.

Yves wrote about this narrative a few weeks ago, when she pointed out his career in the Illinois state Senate was based on working for billionaire developers to destroy poor neighborhoods.   Few really gets who he is, at his core, and almost no one is willing to publicly point it out.  There are some who went to law school with him, who saw his enormous grasping social climbing tendencies, his eager corporate good old boy persona, his narcissistic calculations.  But they are drowned out by the institutional left-wing voices, the fanboy reporters, the sycophantic labor leaders, the slavishly worshipful foundations, and the voters who cannot hear any alternative to the hope and change they know and love.  The only mainstream narrative challenging hope and change is the stupid right-wing storyline that he’s a Kenyan Muslim socialist.  That’s just racist idiocy.  But there are those on the right who understand Obama’s narcissism, and they may just make that their electoral narrative.

Think about this problem in a slightly different way.  It’s been three years.  Why hasn’t been there a great iconic impersonator of Barack Obama, like Tina Fey and Sarah Palin or Will Ferrell (or James Adomian) and George W. Bush?  A comic impersonator reveals something about the core of an individual.  The people imitating Obama seem to think that he’s far more left-wing and principled beneath the surface, that if he let out who he really was, how really angry he is at the Republicans, that’s the parody they hit.  It falls flat, because it’s not true to who he is.  The truth is that he’s a narcissistic sociopath dressed up as a cool corporate brand.  The real Obama parody is an Obama who wears an Air Force One fleece over an Obama t-shirt, who says to a reporter “Now hang on, let me finish, speaking slowly and avoiding your question, which is, by the way excellent.”  He’s President, and if you’re upset with him, don’t worry, look at that beautiful photo of Obama smiling and pointing…

Absolutely the real-life personification of Rev. Deke O’Malley, the charismatic charlatan in the old movie, Cotton Comes To Harlem.  Please READ the article.  Don’t be a “chump.”


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