What Happened To The Antiwar Movement?


…Human Rights Watch revealed in a report on Wednesday that stipulates Libyan rebels abused and murdered Colonel Gaddafi, along with his son Mutassim, and loyalists. Sabah Al-Mukhtar, President of the Arab Lawyers Association described the findings as an “embarrassment” for NATO given that they backed many of the armed militia groups that fought against Gaddafi.

“The major powers like the US and Britain were all telling lies, to say the least. This revelation, although now documented, is not new, everybody expected it,” Said al-Mukhtar to RT.

On the subject of the government’s harsh line on Beni Walid, he said the government is not in control of the fragmented military groups. Speaking about the militia groups, he told RT “their allegiance is not to Libya. Their allegiance is to their tribe, their town or their background.” “The Libyan people are certainly suffering more than they did under Gaddafi,” said al-Mukhtar. “At the present moment we have a situation where the Libyans are pitched against each other.”

He concluded that the current situation will remain the same while there are international oil interests in Libya…



…A necessary corollary to this bonding is the military’s dehumanizing the people we were to fight. During the time of my service the Vietnamese were dehumanized. Our leaders referred to them as gooks and slant eyes. Today the enemy is referred to as rag heads and sand niggers. It’s hard to kill human beings so they must be made less than human…


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