Are You Ready For Austerity?

…Crippling genocidal austerity is waiting in the wings. It will be kinder and gentler when administered by the compromise president but it will be as the global financial leaders wish it to be. It will creep upon us slowly at first to allow the petty bourgeoisie their illusions long enough to keep them from action till their numbers are significantly weakened enough till even they have no hope of resistance. And then it will be too late….


Also related:

…”The IMF now says global efforts to slash deficits and debt may have hurt growth because they occurred too quickly and too widely,” the Wall Street Journal reported.

…But, with the limits of austerity as a means of resolving the present crisis apparent, the last remaining card for the capitalist elite to play in their attempt to regenerate global capitalism appears to lie in unleashing the forces of “creative destruction” wrought by military aggression. As Henryk Grossman warned in his Law of Accumulation, “The destructions and devaluations of war are a means of warding off the immanent collapse [of capitalism], of creating a breathing space for the accumulation of capital.”…

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