U.S. Plans For Venezuela

…Ironic indeed that one of the many co-conspirators involved in the US-backed 2002 coup attempt against Hugo Chavez’ government, is the current candidate running against him this year for the Venezuelan presidency. Indeed, Henrique Capriles Radonski was arrested and implicated numerous times for his role during the 2002 orchestrated unrest, the same unrest the CFR predicts will rack the country this year should their proxy candidate not smoothly enter into office. In 2002, as mayor of Baruta, Radonski failed to protect the Cuban embassy located within his jurisdiction, and his police even arrested President Chavez’ Interior Minister, Ramon Rodriguez Chacin.

Now, the West is attempting to lay the groundwork for a repeat performance. The rhetoric under which overt, most likely armed violence will be carried out, hinges on a singular, very predictable talking point permeating the Western corporate media – that is, that twice elected Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez will lose upcoming elections and plans on “stealing them.”…


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