Appeals Court Upholds NDAA

On Tuesday afternoon an appeals court stopped an order blocking indefinite detention, siding with the Obama adminstration’s right to indefinitely detain terror suspects

Very interesting comments at the above link.  Here’s one:

I’m 75 and I hear you. When the earlier decision was posted, I said, “Wait until the government takes it to an appellant court.”

I’ve said many times that we are living in 1936 Germany. We just moved on a year or so. We are goose stepping from Fascism to Nazism, and, as in Germany, the people are letting it happen.

The PNAC seems to be right on schedule.

Schooling has gone from teaching children to think, to learning by rote what the government wants them to absorb. The Hitler Jugend and the Soviet Young Pioneers ride again. Unthinking, obedient, cannon fodder and factory workers, working for the glory of the Fourth Reich. Today America, tomorrow the world! Same damned thing I heard as a kid. Only the names have changed, and the invasive technology.

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