Cynthia McKinney On Leadership

…I asked Cynthia McKinney why President Obama had deserted the leadership role bestowed upon him by the American people and instead had fallen into the agenda of the Bush/Cheney/neoconservative Republicans. She replied that:

the policy of killing that is being carried out by President Obama has wiped out all of the moral credit that Black America accrued over their years of resistance to slavery, Jim Crow, racism, poverty, and militarism. The world understood that Black Americans had a different set of values. That they were against wars, against interference in the affairs of other countries, against imperialism, against colonialism, and against White Supremacy. Now, too many Black Americans cheer a President who defends targeted assassination, drone wars in Africa and elsewhere around the world, boots on the ground globally for the military-industrial-complex, and even torture. Sadly, now much of Black America has chosen to abdicate its moral responsibility and spend whatever moral credit they have earned globally in support of an African descendant President who has ripped to shreds the Bill of Rights, damaged life for tens of thousands of innocent individuals here and abroad hurt by the policies of this Administration, not to mention those who have been killed and will be deformed due to the massive depleted uranium being used

This underlined section above represents the great Black tragedy of the first “Black” President.  Too many forgot Fanon, Malcolm, George Jackson, MLK…the whole Black political legacy in adoration of a bought and paid for Obama; Obama who had one Black parent who had no input to his culturalization. The forfeited legacy is a tragedy that will have repercussions for generations, because people refused to look beyond Obama’s melanin content to the “content of his character.”

How will Black people demand freedom, justice and equality after the injustice supported, ignored or rationalized in e.g. Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan and AFRICOM???    The most antiwar community in the USA has been more than neutralized.  Most of us have been morphed into people that ignore the wars, the bankster thefts and see people like Holder, Obama, the Rices, and Powell as successes instead of sellouts.

When Obama or a subsequent POTUS starts indefintely detaining Black people beyond the American gulag in today’s prison industry, maybe a significant number of people will wake up and connect the dots.  It will be too late then to save the legacy, and freedom will be long gone.  It’s already on life support with the Patriot Acts and the NDAA.  By the time most people wake up, the Motherland will have been recolonized, a process well underway.

This forfeited political legacy will be the tragic outcome of a real life Rev. Deke O’Malley and his supporters who could not or would not judge the man on the content of his character.  READ THE ARTICLE!

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