Bipartisan Economic Destruction

…While Americans cheer for the return of  zebra striped officials to the NFL games today, the Spanish, the Greeks and many others across Europeare fighting for their very lives and the freedom to determine the quality of them on their own. Our apparent lack of concern is understandable when you consider that what they are desperately struggling against is in a large part, our creation. Not only is Dr. Frankenstein disinterested in the harm his creation inflicts on the people around him by choice, but the townsfolk themselves willingly turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the cries of their neighbors in nearby villages just so long as the monster feeds elsewhere.

Our banks sold their complicit politicians worthless junk paper setting up critical economic infrastructure to fail when they themselves decided to pull the trigger. These elaborately constructed derivatives had been made illegal after the banking elites used them to crash the global financial markets in the lead-up to the Great Depression. They were then decriminalized in 1982 (during the great “trickle down” Reagan Revolution which “dissidents” like Paul Craig Roberts still advocate to this day) with this “transformative period” (as Hillary Clinton put it) clearly in mind.

When Brooksley Born tried to regulate the out of control and growing derivatives market and warned of the pending disaster (watch the Frontline documentary called “The Warning“), Bill Clinton, Robert Rubin, Larry Summers, Alan Greenspan and a host of Federal Reserve flunkies in congress attacked her viciously for attempting to actually do her job; protecting Americans and their personal investments from the neoliberal vulture ideology that had hijacked Wall Street and most of corporate America back then.

Then the neoliberal Clinton regime went two steps further, the 1999 repeal the protections of Glass-Steagall and during the lame duck session of congress in 2000 creating the Commodities Futures Modification Act which in essence made it illegal to attempt to regulate these instruments of financial terrorism thus setting the stage for the push to create the massive amounts of “liar loans” and the bubble that would be sold across the world and create the debt “crisis” we now face.

The Bush administration followed suit perfectly promoting a new “plan” to help poor and working poor people buy homes, the American Dream to be used to bring about a New American Century nightmare…

Social destruction to follow:

“The resulting chaos is going to crush Americans.”

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