Fast And Furious Whitewash

An internal report by the Justice Department found no evidence that Attorney General Eric Holder knew about a botched gun-trafficking operation to Mexico, but does recommend that 14 federal law enforcement officials, including the head of the criminal division, be disciplined.

In the wake of the report, Deputy Assistant Attorney General Jason Weinstein, a longtime career prosecutor who most recently served in the criminal division, has resigned and the former acting director at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has retired, effective immediately.

The operation, known as “Fast and Furious” allowed about 2,000 weapons to fall into the hands of Mexican drug cartel enforcers, according to the review by the Justice Department inspector general, USA TODAY’s Kevin Johnson reports.

A similar operation in 2006 was named “Operation Wide Receiver.”…

People running guns to drug lords and the boss didn’t know?  OK, should he have known?  Whose responsibility was it to inform him?  Who is going to jail for gun-running?

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