Obama And Public Education

In all my years of rants and ravings against the neoliberalization of this country and others, nothing makes me more angry than the ongoing efforts to privatize public education. There is nothing more insidious and contemptible than attempting to pocket profits from limiting the potential futures of young people in service of the oligarchs and the ruling class. When I see billionaires and multimillionaires like Oprah sitting around trying to spin a purely fascist policy like this as a viable option to the Pious Driving middle class liberals, it makes me as sick as watching Amy Goodman sell the Libyan and Syrian “humanitarian interventions”.

 Today, Rahm Emanuel made this statement in reply to the Chicago teachers refusing his pathetic deal:

I will not stand by while the children of Chicago are played as pawns in an internal dispute within a union,” Rahm Emanuel

That’s fucking funny. Neoliberals like Rahm Emanuel have been doing just that for years; using the children as pawns in their ongoing effort to privatize the entire US public education system so their corporate and Wall Street friends can turn MASSIVE profits off of it while ABSOLUTE corporatist control over what the children in this country think and what they BECOME.

It is PURE FUCKING FASCISM and Rahm and his fascist friends have been making children suffer for decades in an effort to undermine the system, claim it is failing, so they can turn it over to corporations like WalMart or Goldman Sachs for a fucking profit.

Study after study shows that charter schools are not cheaper and on average they do not produce a better education. In fact, unless one talks about the schools in more elite areas, they simply serve to train young people to serve various corporations, providing them little to no understanding of history or liberal arts or the ability to learn HOW to think. For the vast majority of students, they are simply unaccountable for-profit processing plants set in cheap, converted strip-mall offices or on acquired land in multitudes of trailers.

Obama’s continuation of the Bush regime’s War on Public Education is not unlike his continuation of everything else Bush. CHANGE my ass


Perhaps George Carlin can shed some insight into the “sitcheation” (that means a complicated situation to those who might know):

IMHO Carlin is correct.  Many of us think that schools that teach that Columbus discovered America are about education.  Education is the process of learning the truth, facts in context,  Training is learning a specific response to a specific stimulus.  As Columbus most certainly did not discover America (There were people here when he arrived.), that canard cannot be considered education.  It is training, and as Carlin pointed out, the Psychopaths-That-Be want training.  The PTB FEAR education.

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