Fukushima Radiation

The peer-reviewed scientific journal Science of the Total Environment reports:

Massive amounts of anthropogenic radionuclides were released from the nuclear reactors located in Fukushima (northeastern Japan) between 12 and 16 March 2011 following the earthquake and tsunami. Ground level air radioactivity was monitored around the globe immediately after the Fukushima accident. This global effort provided a unique opportunity to trace the surface air mass movement at different sites in the Northern Hemisphere.


The analysis of the air mass forward movements during 12th -16th March showed that the air mass was displaced eastward from the Fukushima area and bifurcated into a northern and a southern branch outside of Japan (Fig. 3). This eastward bifurcation of air masses is in agreement with the simulation of the potential dispersion of the radioactive cloud after the nuclear accident of Fukushima (Weather OnlineWebsite of United Kingdom, UK, 2012).


This work clearly demonstrates how little dissipation occurred during this time due to the nature of the rapid global air circulation system, and the Fukushima radioactive plume contaminated the entire Northern Hemisphere during a relatively short period of time…


 Remember this?

Don’t forget that the CEO of GE (which makes nuclear reactors including the Fukushima reactors) is a pal and political donor to Rev. Deke.  Moreover, they are apparently part of Mitten’s 47% who have a sense of entitlement.  Why isn’t the so-called “mainstream media” raising this point?

…For months, Americans have been talking about the 99% and the 1%: A tiny minority is gaming the system and making a major profit while so many others struggle to hold on to the American dream.

Take GE. Incorporated in upstate Schenectady, it is an iconic American company that, at one time, helped to support thriving communities by creating innovative products and stable, middle class jobs. It was a proud symbol in many communities across America of the success of our system, where innovation and profit went hand in hand with shared prosperity, stable communities and a higher standard of living for the middle-class.

Not anymore. GE has become a symbol of much of what’s wrong with our economy. Between 2008 and 2010, GE made $10.5 billion in U.S. profits. Its top executives were paid $234 million and paid plenty in income and other taxes. But when tax time came, the bill for the corporation itself was less than zero. The rest of us paid for GE’s tax refund, an eye-popping $4.7 billion.

How did GE executives pull that off? Well, they spent $84 million — a tiny share of their tax rebate — lobbying to rig the tax code in their favor, hiring well-connected firms like Capitol Tax Partners, which also lobbies on tax policy for Wall Street giants Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase. The Board of Directors is full of politically connected magnates such as the CEO of oil conglomerate ConocoPhillips , the former CEO of JPMorgan Chase and former U.S. Sen. Sam Nunn


ANNNND…they ship your jobs overseas.

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