Dr. Lee Warren: Symbolism vs. Substance

Classic wisdom: “Time is on us.” “I’m not talking about Pookey and Ray-Ray on the corner.”

On the point that “Time is on us:”

…“I have other sources tell me the silver market is as tight as they’ve ever known in history,” he says.  “I expect silver to go towards 80 [dollars] to 100, quickly.  I know that seems like a big thing, but that’s what I think.

“All I know is: the physical market, if you want to buy silver in size, is the most difficult in history.  These are from my best sources.  We’ve been right on everything so far; now, we’ll see what happens.”…


  1. One of the 99% says:

    Worse than Mr. Charlie? OMG!!!

  2. Well IMHO Dr. Warren is correct. Chuck (Mr. Charlie) couldn’t and didn’t outsource.

  3. Dr. Warren makes some very valid points and I found what he had to say a very important message that needs to get across to our community NOW. It was VERY troubling to hear the interviewer admit he likes Obama “for the symbolism”. I’m still trying to figure out what the symbol is…an African American family in the white house? A charismatic front man leading our nation? I’m sorry but I don’t want or care for symbols in this respect. I care about who is going to make take this country to a better place and get our economy out of the toilet. I certainly don’t care for a symbol of a first lady who is supposedly promoting combating obesity all the while her husband is appointing Monsanto minions into positions of power to continue to poison our food supply. The sleepers must awaken here…..

  4. Thank you for your astute comment.

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