If You’re Not Angry

Rocky Anderson writes:

Because our government is controlled by and run for the benefit of the wealthy — while the public interest is repeatedly betrayed.

Because innocent people in at least four nations are being killed by U.S. drones, and our president is bragging about it.

Because the U.S. poverty rate has now exceeded the poverty rate in 1965, wiping out the progress of the “War on Poverty”.

Because neither of the major party candidates — lapdogs to Wall Street and the insurance and pharmaceutical industries — even mention “poverty”, let alone discuss how to eliminate it…



At the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, one of North Carolina’s famous sons, the 2004 Vice Presidential Nominee, was clearly absent, and with him, the issue for which he had become a national spokesman. In 2004, John Edwards cemented himself as a symbol for the fight against poverty. However, since then his personal failures have forced him and his favorite issue off the map…


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