The Meaning Of QE3

There is little doubt that the economy will not recover any time soon and QE3 proves that trend is in motion in addition to it being election time. The push to hunt down apital on a global scale is creating a massive decline in the VELOCITY of money. As money simply hoards, the United States is trying to drink itself sober at least until the elections are over. Ask any drunk – it does not work. Unemployment will continue to rise. We are in the middle of a major economic crisis and no amount of easing will reverse the course that we are on.  QE3 is certainly going to be a very unprecedented and controversial move. But we have to pick up the rug and look closely at what they are really doing. The Federal Reserve today in announcing the initiation of an open-ended round of Quantitative Easing (QE3), they have really embarked on a welfare package for the banks – not a stimulus for the economy

The banks get socialism; we get capitalism and debt.


…After a combined $2.3 trillion from QE1 ($1.7T) and QE2 ($600B), plus over $16 trillion is secret bailouts to recapitalize banks with absolutely no measurable improvement in the economy, how could any thinking person believe this policy will be beneficial?…

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