About That Anti-Muslim Film

The details surrounding the Innocence of Muslims film – which some are now saying doesn’t even exist as a completed work – continue to get increasingly strange as the days go by.

We now know that the man going by “Sam Bacile,” who is actually Egyptian immigrant and gas station owner Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, has been convicted of fraud and associated with a whopping 14 different aliases.

There are truly more questions than answers when it comes to Nakoula, Innocence of Muslims, and this entire fiasco which has now sparked protests around the world and led to the deaths of five Americans in Libya.

Now Danger Room is reporting that court records show that Nakoula and co-defendant Khaled Yameen Abraham were charged with possessing the chemical precursors to phencyclidine (better known simply as PCP or angel dust) with the intent to manufacture the illegal drug.

According to Danger Room, Nakoula appeared before the Los Angeles County Superior Courthouse in Downey, California on April 15, 1997 and according to The Smoking Gun, he remained in prison until September of 2010.

These run-ins with the law are far from isolated incidents, as you will see below.

According to unnamed officials cited by ABC News, Nakoula wrote the script for the film while in prison, although the details surrounding this are shaky, especially since there is now significant evidence pointing to the possibility that the actual film never even existed.

“There is no known copy of the full movie, only the YouTube trailer, and no record of a movie called Innocence of Muslims being made in California,” notes The Week


Well what would be the point of stirring religious passions?  Perhaps we are through the looking glass:

All across the Middle East, the CIA created “professional jhadists” are raging against the machine in  many of the “7 countries in 5 years” nations that were targeted for regime change over a decade ago. Embassies are being assaulted by roaming bands of young, yuppie “rebels” looking to help spin up a justification for military intervention in their countries and the ensuing neoliberalization of the economy which is sure to follow. In Sudan and Yemen and Egypt specifically, the attacks are fermenting a national consensus back here about having to send in military troops though technically speaking, the president doesn’t need to build such a consensus when embassies come under attack. The marines are already  in Libya and Yemen at this point and Sudan is probably not far behind in the planning stages.

 Keep in mind all of this is based on the narrative that Muslims throughout the world are suddenly outraged over a sketchy little 14 minute video that appears to have been made by a career criminal turned confidential informant for the FBI.

Also remember that while “al Qaeda” is attacking our embassies across the Middle East in all those countries that we need to invade, they are fighting ON OUR SIDE against Bashir Assad in Syria, a fact seemingly lost in all the MSM hype taking place.

So it’s clear they are doing someone’s bidding in each and everyone of these nations.

  • Our government is trying to maintain our puppet regime in Yemen, so we have to go into Yemen now.
  • We have been trying to destabilize Sudan for some time and suddenly we are looking at having to go there as well.
  • The Green Revolution in Libya was starting to gain momentum in their fight against the puppets we installed there, so all of a sudden we now have cruise missile strikes scheduled for that country.
  • And of course, we need to force regime change on Syria, so al Qaeda is helping us in another way there as well.

As if that wasn’t disturbing enough, try this on for size, the University of Texas and North Dakota State University both reportedly received bomb threats… from al Qaeda…

At 8:35 a.m. the university received a call from a male with a middle eastern accent claiming to have placed bombs all over campus.  He said he was with Al Qaeda and these bombs would go off in 90 minutes. President Powers was notified and it was decided to evacuate all of the buildings out of an abundance of caution. KVUE

First of all, a real terrorist organization wouldn’t call in a warning if their intention was to cause mass casualties at a local school. They would just wait for the bomb to go off then claim responsibility. Students were let back into the school and no bombs were discovered.

But this was not a prank. It is the continuation of a campaign of fear; a destabilization campaign that seems to be well underway in the United States.

Perhaps not coincidentally, President Obama just recently appealed the judge’s ruling that section 1031 of the 2012 NDAA was unconstitutional. That’s the section allowing for the use of military assets to round up “extremists” in America and lock them away without trial for indefinite periods of time


BTW, didn’t Rev. Deke say that he wouldn’t use those provisions?  Why is he appealing the ruling?

Here in Pennsylvania, Terry Williams, a man who has been living on death row for three decades after being convicted murdering two men when he was only 17 and 18, is slated to be executed October 3. He has exhausted his appeals and his family, his attorney, and even the wife of one of the men he killed, are asking the state’s governor and former attorney general, Republican Tom Corbett, to grant him clemency. Why? Williams was repeatedly raped by his two victims, beginning when he was only a 13-year-old boy. It’s ironic that the same Gov. Corbett who turned a blind eye to Penn State serial boy rapist and football coach Jerry Sandusky is now, at least so far, allowing this obscene execution to go forward. Corbett signed the death warrant for Williams’ execution early this month.

Then we have President Obama. Last fall he signed into law the Constitution-shredding National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which includes a provision allowing the military, inside the United States, to arrest and detain indefinitely without trial American citizens. He initially assured the public that he would not use that tyrannical power as president. Not wanting to trust that all presidents would say the same thing, a group of journalists and other plaintiffs then filed suit in federal court, claiming the law was unconstitutional (the sixth amendment to the Constitution, part of the Bill of Rights, guarantees to all people — not just citizens — the right to a “speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury”). Two days ago, Federal District Judge Katherine Forrest (an Obama appointee to the bench) issued a permanent injunction in New York declaring that the provisions of the NDAA which allow for the kidnapping and indefinite detention without charge of American citizens were permanently enjoined because they were unconstitutional. That could have been the end of it, but late yesterday, after newspaper deadlines had passed and after the evening news programs had run, the White House appealed that ruling. The president who says he would never use this horrific law is fighting in court to overturn the decision declaring it unconstitutional!…



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