More On The Chicago Teachers’ Strike

No Chicago you probably aren’t “Recognizing the Board’s [real] fiscal woes” because nobody has informed the mass of teachers that the Teachers’ Retirement System of the State of Illinois* gambled away their retirement funds on Wall Street in a securitization Ponzi scheme. Making matters worse, USDC Judge Cote threw out the Illinois Retirement Funds investors’ lawsuit against Goldman Sachs earlier this year(interestingly note – the judge had a $15k-$50K Goldman Sachs CD in her financial disclosure).You’ve got financial woes because Wall Street scammed your retirement and pension monies like most of the retirement funds across the US. See – THE SUCKER PUNCH.Letting Goldman Sachs off the hook recently is a serious mistake. US Sen. Levin’s COP report laid out the indictment verbatim and it was ignored. Well, Chicago – whether you know it or not this directly affects you. The state will play hard ball because they spent your funds. It’s time to throw the dirt right back at ’em. Make the state tell the membership exactly how much they have lost, how they lost it, when, why and to whom.
Before you were just wound up. Are you pissed yet?
*This is a fund for Illinois teachers outside of Chicago.  The fund for Chicago teachers lists their investment report as “forthcoming” as of September 13, 2012.
The above is a comment to the article at the below link.   Thanks to Jawara for these links.
IMHO, it wasn’t a mistake from the perpective of the Psychopaths-That-Be.  That’s the way Obama and Romney roll.  They serve their masters, and their masters are not you and I.  What does it take to understand that you have been had?  Oh, Obama doesn’t work for Wall Street?  Dudes and Dudesses, please regain your objectivity.
…Although he oversaw the biggest bank bailout in U.S. history, Barack Obama has long rejected any bailout of homeowners. Before the financial meltdown, back in early 2008, candidate Obama opposed any form of moratorium on home foreclosures, putting him to the right of candidate John Edwards, who wanted a mandatory halt to foreclosures, and Hillary Clinton, who favored a voluntary moratorium. In the first two years of his presidency, it was Obama, not the minority Republicans, who stood in the way of a bailout of homeowners, even as his administration and the Federal Reserve funneled trillions of dollars to Wall Street
Keep on hoping, and see the horror of the world that you bequeath.  There will be no change.  A political election should not be a popularity contest.  If not decided on the important issues, then everybody loses except the PTB.  If you vote for Obama or Romney, you might practice saying,  “Massah.”  The Fed, Goldman Sachs and the other PTB will own your….. er, you.
…Let’s stop kidding ourselves. This is what Mitt Romney and Obama and Arne Duncan and Paul Ryan have in mind when they promote charter schools and the right to fire teachers with tenure:  slash teachers salaries and bust their unions.They’ve almost stopped pretending, too.  Both the Right Wing-nuts and the Obama Administration laud the “progress” of New Orleans’ schools–a deeply sick joke.  The poorest students, that struggle most with standardized tests, were drowned or washed away…

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