The Sieg Heil Democrats

…A Washington Post/ABC News Poll in February showed a vast majority of Democrats — including 53 percent of self-described liberal Democrats — supporting Obama’s keeping open the detention center for terrorist suspects in Guantanamo Bay. Also, 77 percent of liberal Democrats were cool with Obama’s use of drone strikes around the Arab world, according to that poll.

And as Afghanistan drags into its 12th year and Obama rattles his saber at Syria, ask yourself when you last saw an anti-war march.

Anti-war and pro-civil liberties voices persist in many corners of the Left, but the party leadership and the Left’s official organs ignore them. Just as Sen. Rand Paul is lonely in the GOP when he fights for peace and against the surveillance state, Sen. Bernie Sanders is an outlier among liberals.

When Democrats waved their flags in Charlotte and accused Republicans of insufficiently loving America, the subject was mostly bailouts and subsidies for domestic industry.

But there’s a link: The roots of Obamanomics are nationalism and deep trust in the power of government. From those roots can spring hawkish jingoism. Biden made the point with his crowd-pleasing mantra: “Osama bin Laden is dead, and General Motors is alive.”

Turns out the anti-war movement is dead, and the Patriot Act is alive.

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