Syria: No Change At All

Hillary Clinton has rejected YET ANOTHER peace plan in Syria, this time one proposed by the Russians. She says there has to be “regime change” and a new puppet put into place to satisfy her blood-lust because Assad is still “attacking Syrians”

You would think someone as important as the secretary of state would have enough presence of mind to at least attempt to keep up with the generally accepted and widely publicized news developments that make it perfectly clear that the state forces in Syria are engaging foreign mercenaries paid for by outside forces to destabilize the country, not “Syrians”

You can’t hardly blame her because she’s been running this “humanitarian intervention” left-cover scam since Yugoslavia back under Slick Willy’s days in the office and without the illusion that Assad is deliberately killing his own people for  the fun of it, all you are really left with is the fact that Hillary and Barack are simply doing their part in the “7 countries in 5 years plan” which of course is no “change” at all is it?…

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