Law For Peasants

A fifth suspect was arrested in Mexico on Friday for the murder of our Border Agent Brian Terry, who as we all know was killed by a gun provided to the Mexican drug cartels by US Attorney General Eric Holder’s Fast and Furious gunrunning scheme.  I guess the US government mafia thinks that if they hang a few Mexican peasants we the people of the United States will be content that justice has been served.

How many US nationals have been prosecuted because a family member gained access to one of their lawfully owned guns and used it to commit a crime?  It is just a further example that the so called laws in the United States are for the peasant population here and that the elite so called citizens of the world are not bound in any way by any law.

Tell me, which issue is more important here, getting the Mexicans who pulled the trigger and killed our border patrol agent or prosecuting those responsible for shipping thousands of guns, millions of rounds of ammunition, and even hand grenades to the drug cartels, which have been used not only to kill our border patrol agent, but also an estimated 55,000 Mexican nationals in their country?

This is aiding and abetting in international terrorism.  These are crimes committed by the Obama Administration, who, along with their predecessors in the Bush Administration, are guilty as sin of running guns into Mexico, trading those guns for drugs, running those drugs back into the United States where agents of the DEA peddled them to our people on the streets, of course arresting them for buying and possessing the drugs along the way, and then taking the monies derived from the drug sales and sending them to banks in Central and South America to be laundered,..

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