Creative Funding Of The Syrian Rebels

…While many of these foreigners are paid with Saudi money they have also developed criminal ways to get money:

An epidemic of kidnappings has broken out in Syria, with rebels using ransoms to fund their military operations and common criminals taking the opportunity to cash in.

A student at Aleppo University who gave his name as Mohammed said that the same FSA group that was hunting down the gangs of kidnappers was also running its own operations to raise “funds for the revolution.”This unit, known as the Abu Bakr al-Siddiq brigade, kidnapped the “son of my uncle’s business partner,” said Mohammed, who claimed the group demanded almost $74,000 for his release.

A former Catholic clergyman said that he fled Aleppo when fighting reached his home and a number of acquaintances were kidnapped.

The Day After will be too late

It appears that after 18 months of conflict and bloodshed that led to over 20,000 casualties, the United States and its allies in the international community were only able to learn how to better pretend they are a constructive force. In reality, they still are working exclusively on different tactics that would allow them to defeat a number major segments of the population of Syria in favor of anyone who will help the United States and its allies install a more compliant leadership in Damascus.

People are dying in Syria because there is very little learning taking place.

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