Charter Cities?

Hitler wanted to bring fascism to the world under the banner of the German nation. Today’s fascist look to create charter cities without laws but rather “rules” set forward by the leadership of whatever corporate entity owns them. There are already not-for-profit think tanks established to begin the process of normalizing this ideology and the facts on the ground are striking in their purely fascist reactionary plans. What people like these are trying to put together is worse than Hilter’s world view and more all encompassing than the Gilded Age company towns which at one point claimed a third of the citizens of the United States as part of their company assets.

 Back during the height of the Gilded Age which is the socioeconomic state we are rapidly regressing to, the company town was the pinnacle of absolute totalitarian corporate/state control (fascism) over the people. The company or more specifically the man or family who owned the company, ruled the town like a god, Lord or Pharaoh, controlling every aspect of communal life and profiting from every transaction withing it’s walls.

Company towns started popping up in this country around 1850 in Chicago (imagine that) with most of them long gone by now, killed off by the dreaded New Deal program of FDR and the insane notion that workers had a right to fair and equitable treatment from employers while being paid a fair living wage for the hours they work and the skills they have. The New Deal also forced a national minimum wage on corporations, which effectively sounded the death knell of the company town. That fact is important to remember in the rest of the article.

Of course, like so many other nasty little tricks which we picked up over the centuries like slavery, imperialism, neoliberalism, libertarianism (same thing), Free Masonry and the privately owned central banking system, we had Britain to thank for the company town model (or the “Model Town” as they called it) which their oligarchs simply love to death.

Thanks to a heads up from a few readers here, I just found out that they are busy working behind the scenes (as that is what they always do) to bring the good old fashioned Company Town model back with a new and improved twist or two…

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