Obama Honors Saudi Imam For Jihad

Obama Honors Saudi Imam For Issuing Bounty On AssadBack in May Saudi Arabia’s  Salafist Jihadists massacred numerous innocent civilians in Houla and immediately blamed the massacre on the Syria government shelling.

The media echoed the from these so-called ‘peaceful activists’ only to have UN investigators prove they were lying – specifically finding the civilians had been executed at close range or slashed to death with knives and other stabbing weapons.

This of course meant that the Saudi Arabia’s Salafi Jihadists, referred to by the western media as ‘peaceful activists’ but who actually the same Islamic fundamentalists referred to as Al Qaeda in other reports, must have been responsible for the massacre.

This is clear because they were the only forces on the ground near these civilians that were massacred but perhaps more egregious is the fact that the BBC was caught using photos of mass graves from the Iraq war claiming they were pictures of the massacre.

In any case, following the incident the Saudi Leader Sheikh Dr. Ali Al-Rubaie put a $450,000 bounty out on the head of Syria President Bashar Asad.

This is disturbing because Imam Al-Rubaie is not only a religious leaders for the terrorist Jihadists who staged this massacre but he is a top-level official of the Saudi government.

Despite all of this, here is our beloved President Obama issuing an award to Sheikh Al-Rubaie…. 

…Saudi Salafists do not kill Jews, only the pagan Muslims and Christians.


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