Experienced thieves do not want attention focused on their acts, so they employ diversions to misdirect attention. We are currently in the midst of such a diversion while a colossal theft of national resources, dwarfing anything we could imagine, takes place while no one is watching. 

The diversion is the spectacle of the conventions of the two major political parties in the US. The corporate controlled media presents these conventions as evidence of our democracy when in reality they are nothing more than circuses fully staffed with carnival barkers, clowns, and feats of political strength, all designed to impress feeble minds with the pomp and pageantry. These ostentatious events where the party’s preselected nominee is anointed by adoring crowds will cost the taxpayers over $136 million for the convention and security costs. 

Most people watching this mindless drivel on television think that the politicians are the stars of this show. However, it is really the corporations, lobbyists, and self serving special interest groups that are the VIPs here. These are the money men that will pay for the extravagant parties and contribute to campaigns because they want something back. They appreciate this diversion from the real theft that will be taking place while the masses focus on the convention circus    extravaganza. 

The real theft that is taking place is in the form of secret negotiations for the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement. If you have not heard of this so called trade agreement before, that is by design.This agreement has been negotiated IN SECRET for 2-1/2 years and no information has ever been released until this leak. So why have the details of this negotiation been so secret? This agreement has been framed as a “free trade” agreement and yet out of 26 chapters only two have anything to do with trade. The other 24 chapters grant new corporate privileges and rights, while limiting governments and protective regulations.    The only way this agreement could ever be passed is if the details never see the light of day, or if people continue their sleep as our national sovereignty is dismantled. Over 600 corporate lobbyists have had input to and access to the details in these secret negotiations, and yet access has withheld from Congress or the public….

So you think the Democrats or Republicans are going to create jobs.  Think again.

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