Blind By Choice

Reading the various few Western media reports on Tuesday’s cowardly terrorist attack on a funeral procession in the Jaramana suburb of Damascus, I am struck by two things: (1) how widespread and universally accepted the lies about Bashir Assad have become in spite of countless reports and proof to the contrary from a variety of sources including the MSM… and (2) how completely devoid the American people are of even the slightest remnants of instinctual human empathy.

I credit the second observation with the fact that the so-called “left’ in America obviously cares less for their professed love of human rights and dignity than they do for their all encompassing desire to “win’ the upcoming election to stop the dreaded “Romney/Ryan War on Women”

Irony? Obama’s surrogates in Syria just murdered at least a dozen women and girls who were guilty of doing nothing more than walking down the street attending a funeral, wounding and maiming still dozens more.

Where is the outrage and the calls for resignations when our seconds in Syria bomb funerals killing women and children leaving mothers to weep in the blood and ash?

The outrage is mute because the left is temporarily blind by choice…

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