No Torture Prosecutions, Surprise, Surprise

The US Justice Department ended a four-year probe into the CIA’s controversial, and at times brutal, treatmentof detainees, closing two final homicide investigations without filing charges. The decision sparked outrage among human rights supporters.

US Attorney General Eric Holder announced on Thursday that no charges will be filed in the cases of two terror suspects who died in CIA custody – one in Iraq in 2003 and another in Afghanistan in 2002. “The admissible evidence would not be sufficient to obtain and sustain a conviction beyond a reasonable doubt,” Holder said.

Gul Rahman died in 2002 at a secret prison in Afghanistan known as the ‘Salt Pit’ after being bound to a wall in near-freezing temperatures. Manadel al-Jamadi, also a suspected militant, died in 2003 in Iraq’s Abu Ghraib, where his corpse was photographed, wrapped in plastic and packed in ice…

Hey, the one dude just bound himself to the wall, and the other dude wrapped himself in plastic.


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