How Bad Will It Get?

…The most serious question is, “How bad will it get?”  No one really knows, but there are many, many guesses.  Everyone has their own guesses. Some base their guesses on calculations. Most use their imagination. Some try to project based on what they have seen, or read.  I will not try to impress you with my credentials for analyzing or predicting.  Let’s just say this is one man’s opinion, and I am probably either under estimating or over estimating the severity of how things will really work.  My best guess is that economically it will get at least as bad as the Great Depression in most of the U.S. and most likely much worse.  Also the response of the government(s) to the collapse and the political, sociological, and economic responses of the people to the difficulties will affect the progress of the collapse. I am quite certain that many cities will have riots because of angry and desperate people.  I was fortunate to not be in any of the cities where they occurred, but in the 1960s there were serious riots in many of the large U.S. cities. These riots were fundamentally about accumulated anger over difficult and frustrating conditions in certain sub-sections of those cities.  At the same time there were some riots that were purely political in origin.  I believe the difficulties, frustrations, and anger created by the economic turmoil ahead will dwarf what was going on in the sixties, and I was there in the sixties.  Even in the absence of riots it is very likely that gang activities and gang formation will be significantly elevated in many cities.   This will not be uniform across the country, nor will the government’s response to these troubles be uniform across the country.  I have heard genuine concerns about what the government might do, and the reality is that most of this is rumor, speculation, and conjecture based on many people trying to interpret bits of information they find disturbing.

What I do know (and this is not conjecture) is that the federal government does have documented plans for dealing with these kinds of anticipated problems…

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