Did Obama Really Kill Osama?

How plausible is it that a man who had terminal kidney disease in 2000 walked around the mountains of Afghanistan and wound up in Pakistan more than 10 years later.  Did he get a kidney transplant?   Did anybody see a dialysis machine in the video footage that the government provided?  Want to buy a bridge?

Since Osama bin Laden wasn’t killed on that day, then who was. If an actual execution did take place, and it wasn’t all staged in some Hollywood studio as the US Military often does, then was some innocent bin Laden look-a-like murdered in cold blood? Truly, the ramifications of such a brutal and cynical act are too great to even consider. Perhaps this is why a Navy Seal has been ‘allowed’ to publish a book on this sordid affair, so as to ‘corroborate’, at the very least, the killing of an ‘Osama bin Laden’.

When even the photo of an alleged dead Osama bin Laden is faked and published by major newspapers around the world you know something is very amiss…


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