The Washington Post Swings And Misses…Again

Apparently Antakya in Turkey is just the right place to report on what happens in Damascus, Syria and to conclude who “apperently” kills.
But here are the sources of Sly’s reporting:

•Activists say …
•Videos posted online and accounts from residents …
•According to the Center for the Documentation of Violations in Syria …
•… activists say
•… a graphic video posted on YouTube
•… according to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights
•… Nadim Houry, a researcher at New York-based Human Rights Watch, speaking from Beirut
•… according to the opposition Local Coordination Committees
•… Activists say
•… Tariq Saleh, an activist with the Damascus Revolutionary Leadership Council.
•… according to rebel commanders
•… Abu Aasi, an activist there with the Local Coordination Committees
•… captured on another graphic video
None of Sly’s sources is an eyewitness to the killings that apparently took place. None of them is neutral or on the government side…

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